About Us


The name Vines & Pines is a nod to the places we call home—the endlessly winding Atlanta suburbs and the miles of shoreline, spotted with pinecones, on Lake Oconee.  

These communities have become a sanctuary, a playground, and a place where families can grow closer.  And that's what we're all about—the ties that bind us together.  We believe in celebrating our families, friendships, and the places we frequent most.

Whorton Family Photo

Our journey began when my son left for college and I undertook an embroidery project for my daughter's cheerleading team in high school.  Friends and family began requesting a touch of personalization and coming to me for more meaningful gifts.  It quickly snowballed as I learned how strongly that sentiment resonates—the desire to make people feel noticed, important, significant, connected, appreciated, even celebrated.  

Now, with over $50,000 in equipment and inventory stacked to the ceiling, our days are filled with the cheerful hum of goodwill and kind gestures taking shape—line by line and stitch by stitch.  We curate a full line of personalized gifts, offer embroidery, engraving, vinyl decals, and tasteful home decor; and we do it without charging outrageous prices or forgetting why we started in the first place.

A personalized gift (or any gift for that matter) is a powerful gesture of affirmation.  From blankets and throws with a name carefully embroidered in the corner to a classic weekender with a prominent monogram, we have gifts that mean a little more... even if you're giving it to yourself!

So drop us a line, pick out something you like, and celebrate each other. 


Sincerely yours,

Janice Whorton and the team at Vines & Pines